2012 – 2013 BE-SAFE – Observation of snow loads on flat roofs in real time

People: MA Sc Geogr. Peter Lanz, Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Laschinski, Prof. Dr. Matthias Möller

Summary: vertical loads on buildings represent a potential danger. The collapse of a building’s roof often happens in winter when the static load can no longer be maintained. The collapse of the ice rink in Bad Reichenhall in January 2006 is a sad recordable. The vertical loads are to be continuously monitored in BE-SAFE and upon reaching a critical limit players are warned of a possible danger early. This is largely automated, the risk for a building is visualized on a map with a traffic light scheme (green – red).

Cooperation partners: Büro Laschinksi, Civil engineers

Running time: 07.2012 – 12.2013

Support: EU ESF and Senat of Berlin City

Contact: Matthias Möller, Tel.: 030 4504 5424