Ghosts of Planets Past: An Interview with Ron Blakey

The paleo-tectonic maps of retired geologist Ronald Blakey are mesmerizing and impossible to forget once you’ve seen them. Catalogued on his website Colorado Plateau Geosystems, these maps show the world adrift, its landscapes breaking apart and reconnecting again in entirely new forms, where continents are as temporary as the island chains that regularly smash together to create them, on a timescale where even oceans that exist for tens of millions of years can disappear leaving only the subtlest of geological traces. Read more
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24th GRSG Annual Meeting in Berlin– ‘Status and developments in geological remote sensing’

The 24th GRSG conference, organised by the GRSG in association with the DGPF, University of Halle-Wittenberg, BGR and DLR, will cover a broad range of remote sensing topics, presenting current status in remote sensing and future developments in the diverse fields and applications of geological remote sensing.

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